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Intuitive Massage
energy healing
book and light
I dont' claim to be a master at any.  I'm constantly learning about these and other tools.  And there are many I haven't included but I will update as I learn more.  I share what I have had direct experience with and do so with the intent that should you be led , one or more may also assist you and provide a new, enhanced, healing, comforting, and loving perspective and life experience.
It was my experience that when I was unsure how I was going to survive, having totally lost all sense of peace and connection,  I became much more open-minded to where and how I found help (beyond pharmaceuticals, alcohol, cigarettes, and religion!).   I believe it was Divine, Universal guidance that assisted me with the cognitive leap to understanding, appreciating, and validating the tools and practices I feature here. 
I believe I am an eternal spiritual being having a human experience.  I believe myself and everything on this planet is made of energy.  I believe there is only a thin veil between our temporary, physical experience and our eternal, divine reality.  I believe and experience the comfort, guidance, validation, connection, healing, and inspiring results of the practices I feature here even as I leave some behind and discover others. 
inspired mid
Healing during my physical/emotional/spiritual "life challenge" took a synchronistic orchestra of blessings, including:  family, friends, teachings, natural supplements, and products as well as several healing (energic and spiritual) modalities that some people may find uncoventional.
one helping another
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