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I was introduced to Emotion Code healing through a psychologist I was seeing for counseling.  As a Certified Emotion Code Practioner it is one of several counseling tools she uses.


This technique has been taught and developed over several years by Dr. Bradley Nelson.  The book he wrote, titled The Emotion Code, was published in June of 2007.




“In the same way that the effects of the wind are felt rather than seen, trapped emotions are invisible, yet can exert a powerful influence upon you…...”


“Trapped emotions can cause you to make the wrong assumptions, overreact to innocent remarks, misinterpret behavior and short-circuit your relationships.  Even worse, trapped emotions can create depression, anxiety and other unwanted feelings that you can’t seem to shake.  They can interfere with proper function of your body’s organs and tissues, wreaking havoc with your physical health, causing pain, fatigue and illness.”

- Dr. Bradley Nelson

"Did you know that your conscious mind is only 10% of your brain? The other 90% is your subconscious mind, which is like a computer that records every single thing you have ever done and experienced in your entire life.

So, by communicating with your subconscious mind you can bring up trapped emotions that you are ready to release." - Dr. Bradley Nelson

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WIth the help of my therapist/practioner and my own pendulum work, I have been releasing  trapped emotions and emotional blocks for over two years and consider it  one of several important tools in my healing experience!
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