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As a freelance graphic designer I am the perfect option for businesses, organizations, and individuals who need graphic design services but don't want to pay fees associated with brick and mortar agencies.   I have over 25 years experience in graphic design and copywriting.  Do you need a headline, marketing theme, product launch?  How often do you need a brochure, business card, billboard or advertisement?  I'm your gal!  My fee is charged hourly or by project, depending on what we determine works best.  I am very responsive, creative, a great communicator and extremely efficient.  Plus, you don't have to pay my benefits, etc. like a full-time employee.  I work with clients on a monthly basis, local, and across the country.  I really enjoy working with a variety of industries and individuals and being an important part of your team. Contact Kay for more information!
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© All content is property of Kay Hilde and the use of any content, without written permission, is strictly prohibited, illegal, not cool and subject to bad mojo.  So, just ask!

*Every effort is made to provide artwork free of any errors. However, the client is responsible for final approval of proofs.
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