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So, what is wellness?  To me it means all is well.  All is well with my body, my emotions, my spirit.  Most of us take our wellness for granted.  I know I did!  I did until it was painfully obvious that I was not well. Unfortunately that's what most of us do - wait until something is painfully obvious (or even life threatening) before we make a change.


In 2014 I began an epic journey of successfully replacing my  long-term, high-dosage antidepressant with natural supplements, products, and holistic, spiritual healing practices. 


My decision was not supported by my medical doctors.  The only advice I received was to try a different brand of pharmaceutical. But my body and spirit and extensive research told me it was imperative that I stop taking my prescription Prozac. Please note, I am not anti-pharmaceutical and would never judge another person's health journey as it is personal and unique.*


I believe strongly there is a time and place for the gift of medication and drugs and I am grateful for the research and science that makes it available.  But it's my opinion that more and more often we are reactive in our health, waiting to get sick - even expecting to get sick - and then asking for a pill to make it go away or at least mask the symptoms. This is completely disempowering.


The drug that helped me through a tumultuous time 20 years ago was now putting my life at risk.  So began my months of healing and intense research into natural and holistic wellness products and practices.

Proactive health is not a just a feel-good catch phrase, it's the only way off the reactive, illness-focused treadmill most of America is numbly rolling along on.  

*Please see Disclaimers in footer.

“It’s so scary when you think of what these medications do. They’re not to be handed out the way they are. That really is disturbing to me. People think, “My doctor knows what he or she is doing.” Well, that’s not always true. I think it’s up to people to educate themselves.” - Dr. Hyla Cass

*Please see Disclaimers in footer.

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