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My intention in creating and facilitating this series of specifically designed art classes under the title, YES! I AM CREATIVE! is to engage, interact, support and celebrate the innate creative spirit of every individual regardless of age, gender, race, ability, and accessibility to provide education, inspiration, expression, healing and joy.  Currently my classes include individuals that don't often have access to unique, creative experiences including senior citizens and adults with disabilites.  I am very grateful for the enjoyment and inspiration I receive holding these classes. 
Contact Kay with any questions!
                   YES! I AM CREATIVE, informational guide
My intention with my Art & Soul classes is to encourage participants to rediscover, encourage, and celebrate their creative side (yes, we all have one!).  I start the class with an easy chat about our left and right brains and how it affects our daily lives - quality of relationships, spiritual connection, and cognitive tasks.  We also explore our creativity by painting abstractly on canvas.  The process of putting paint to blank canvas, without specific direction as to shapes or subject is a very expansive experience for children and adults!  Contact Kay for more information!

My intention with my Uncork Your Creativity class is to encourage participants to celebrate their creative side.  This is even more fun with a group of friends or coworkers, socializing and enjoying a new activity!  I start each class with a brief talk about our right and left brain and lead everyone in some creative exercises.  Contact me for more information!  Cheers!
Creative Thinking in a Logical World
My intention for my Creative Thinkings workshop is to encourge business groups, teams, and organizations to learn the values of our right and left brains, how they serve us, how we can optimize their influences and gifts and have fun doing it!  I have enjoyed holding this class with companies/organizations that include: Sundog, Integreon, Laney's, Moorhead Daycare Association, Peak Dreams Realty, and more.  Contact Kay for more information!
Creative Thinking Workshop
Class Description
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