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The Colors of My Heart

So I was thinking about the art of manifestation and how visualizing what I want is like painting a picture. The colors I use are particular to me and the ever-changing pallet is held by my heart. As an artist I love choosing from my many bottles of paint to transform a blank, white canvas to an image dancing with bright colors, strokes, and textures. I'm very particular about color. When I paint I don't simply think "green would work well here". Instead, I know "a kiwi green with a hint of warm yellow would be perfect.... right.... here."

There's an art to manifestation.

Similar to how I envision the painting I want to create, I envision the life and even the world I want to create. The people, relationships, dynamics, and experiences I desire, imagine, and am intent in bringing to fruition consist of a very specific pallet of colors unique to my heart. And while I can easily have the colors at hand for creating a painting I don't yet have all the specific "heart colors" I need to create the particular life I'm inspired to manifest. And that can be frustrating and leave me feeling impatient! (Note: Check out another blog post of mine, "Patience, Procrastination, and Perspective for some thoughts on creating space for the unexpected.) Which led me to consider,

Am I too attached to the specific desires I have for the life I'm intent on manifesting?

With so much mass media, it's hard not to trip over an article, speaker, or workshop explaining how important it is to be grateful for what I have NOW. Be content and at peace with where I am NOW. Everything I'm looking for is within me NOW. I get it. Gratitude is beautiful and powerful. Living in the NOW is all we have. But often the message takes a more ominous tone, warning me that until I do all of the above, I'm essentially blocking whatever is is I'm longing to create - as if the Universe has a locker filled with things I want but I only get the key to open it when I stop wanting what's there.

Hmmm. This makes me feel...queasy.

Queasy is how I describe the feeling in my solar plexus (gut) when something doesn't resonate with me - even when I don't understand why. So I pondered/prayed/meditated about it and received the perfect analogy for me: A Painter's Palette. I'll paraphrase the message like this: Every morning I wake up to a certain number of colors on my palette. I know I feel my best and I'm most aligned when I use the colors on my current pallet to create a loving, joyful, caring picture. But that doesn't mean I don't long to add other, specific colors to my pallet. Those colors represent some of my heart's greatest desires.

Desiring something and being attached to something are two different things.

Desires are my heart's way of communicating to me what beautiful experiences are yet to come. Desires are my grandest possibilities. If I refused to believe I had anything of value to paint until I had every color I desired - that would be attachment. But even if I get frustrated and a bit impatient to manifest the heart colors I desire, it doesn't stop me from painting gratefully with the hues I have today. That's the difference between Desire and Attachment.

Meanwhile, I'm envisioning the Master Artist, God, mixing up the perfect match to each color on my heart palette as we co-create my vision together.

What picture are you painting

with you the current colors on your


What colors are you desiring?

I hope whatever today's picture

looks like it includes hues of

love, joy, and peace.

~ Kay


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Kay Hilde

Born, raised, and living in Moorhead, MN, USA, Kay is an entreprenuerial, high spirited soul of many interests and endless curiousity.

Any day you may find her

coaching proactive wellness, leading creative workshops, illustrating, painting, or now - writing her next blog post.

Kay loves to spend time with her two kids, two grandsons, two grandpups, friends, family, feeding the birds, advocating for animals, and learning all she can about the mysteries of the universe and finding the joy and humor in all of the above.

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